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Assalaamu alaykum

Dear Respected family and friends hope you are all well 

i am once again so glad and fortunate to be given the opportunity to go to Gambia inshaAllah  for the 240km bike challenge.

In 2019 it was tough but Alhamdulillah we managed and i am very grateful for all your kind donations back then , we raised £50,000 which enabled Caravan of Mercy to build a school for 350 students, distribute medical aid food distributions for the poor , needy and orphans and also install solar panels on an existing school and madrasah 

JazakAllah May Allah SWT reward all our efforts and Donors Aameen

We are now trying to raise enough money for the following projects please donate generously as you have in the past May Allah SWT reward us all in this world and the hereafter 



Aslam Kaji


Each cyclist is required to raise a minimum of £2,000 for all intended projects.

Who benefits? 

Bikes will be purchased and donated to the children of 3 Caravan of Mercy schools on behalf of each participant. The students in the schools walk an average of 3 to 10 Km every day so for most, a bicycle would be a great help. The 3 schools currently provide for around 1000 children.

Where does the money go?

Through this initiative, we need you to help us with our target in raising £75,000 to spend on several valuable projects throughout The Gambia and West Africa:

Phase 2 construction for Al Medina Islamic Academy Gambia: £25,000

Ghana water borehole Installation x 8 Boreholes: £20,000

Food distribution amongst widows, orphans & the needy Hifz students (to be distributed out by the cyclists): £10,000

Recreational courses, (Sewing, mechanic, building, computer classes) for the young and poor who cannot afford going to school. £10,000

Islamic Library (English & Arabic Books). To set up a library for the young educated so they can have access to Islamic Literature. £10,000

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Mohamed Aslam Kaji

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